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American Battery Materials Inc.


The Paradox Basin

An area that straddles the southern portion of the Utah-Colorado border. Rich in multi-commodity brines that have the potential to host lithium, bromine, potash and potassium, the region is one of two in the world that hosts lithium and bromine together. Unlike most of the lithium-rich regions in South America, the Paradox basin is also unique as it sits in a historic seabed as opposed to much smaller lake beds.

Lisbon Valley, Utah

The Lisbon Lithium Project, is located in San Juan County, in southeastern Utah, USA, southeast of the City of Moab. The Company’s property position consists of 743  placer mining claims staked in one contiguous group on U. S. Government lands administered by the U. S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Historical data show a super saturated brine (40% minerals, 60% water) with reported Lithium values ranging from 81 to 500ppm.

Technical Report

ABM is positioned to be an upstream leader in the US renewable energy sector focused on the extraction and refinement of technical minerals. Our operations team has five plus decades of experience in exploration, production, operations, and sales along the natural resource supply chain. The SK-1300 compliant technical report is available below.

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