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  • ​What does American Battery Materials Inc. do?
    ABM Is a US-based critical minerals exploration and development company focused on direct lithium extraction (DLE) as well as other minerals for refining, processing and distribution to support the country’s urgent critical minerals need to support long-term energy transition and the electrification of the US domestic and global economy.
  • What is American Battery Materials Inc.'s stock symbol?
    ABM is listed on the OTC bulletin exchange pink sheets under the trading symbol "BLTH"
  • Where is American Battery Materials Inc. located?
    The company's headquarters is located at 500 West Putnam Avenue Suite 400, Greenwich, CT 06831.
  • Where does American Battery Materials Inc. do business?
    The Company's flagship project is in southern Utah. The 2040+ acre “Lisbon Valley Project" is situated in the ideal location to pursue modern, scaled lithium extraction.
  • How can I buy stock in stock in American Battery Materials Inc.?
    You can buy or sell shares of ABM's common stock through any registered broker dealer. The company does not offer a direct purchase plan.
  • Where can I find the company's regulatory filings?
    All regulatory filings, including financial statements and notifications of material change, can be found within the FILINGS section of the Company's website or the Securities Exchange Commission website located at
  • How can I receive e-mail notifications about developments on the company?
    Sign up to receive our newsletter on the contact page of our website.
  • When is American Battery Materials Inc.'s fiscal year end?
    Our fiscal year ends December 31.
  • Who is American Battery Materials Inc.'s transfer agent?
    TRANSFER ONLINE 512 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR 97214 503-227-2950

American Battery Materials Inc.

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